Panic attack

Talking, talking
About panic
About panic attack
About your
Panic attack
Attacking, attacking

It’s so dark
It goes so dark and black
It gets so dark and black
When you have
A panic attack

Faceless as faceless
As a lightning attack
But there in the night
Is the attacker
The attacker is back

He got inside you
He got inside you
With a fear
He put the fear of him
Inside you
Inside you
You still feel him here

His name was monster
His name was monster killer
He put his fear inside you
So that you would fear him
And him alone
Even when you’re on your own

He’s your panic attacker
He’s your panic attack
There’s the door you say
Go away
And don’t come back

But the mention of his name
It taboo
You don’t say his name to anyone
A picture of his face is too
And it gives you a panic attack

There is no reason
Why he chose you
There is no reason why
He’s the monster
Who wants the whole world
He’s cracking the whole world
Into pieces
Then he movers through the cracks

He’s yours
He’s mine
He’s the darkness
That they talk about
On the news
He thrives on fear
And anxiety
He conquers with
A panic attack

All it needs
Is a word
Said sideways
Under a wrap
But spiders thread
Reaches out
And catches you
With a panic attack

The art of fear is a program
That can
Steal your life away
The art of fear is
A program
That stops you
In your track

His face is always hiding
In a drawer full of words
His face is always hiding
In a window on the world

What you need is love
To wash over you
What you need I know
Is to be loved

Fear is in the dilemma
Of the loved or the not loved
And false love
Made you vulnerable
To panic attack

You need love
Everybody knows that
But nobody reaches out
For fear of a panic attack
Everybody’s in fear
It’s a terrorists favorite trick
Everybody’s in fear
Of a panic attack

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