The postman’s spirit

The postman’s spirit
Was amongst you
Long before he arrived

He knocks and you say thankyou
As if you own him your lives

He replies, thank you
As if he knew you well
As if he had been amongst you
As the night fell
As if he awoke up with you
and sat in the visitor’s chair
And you didn’t see his spirit
Sitting and waiting there
Until that gentle knock on the door

We all know each other
We all are in the dance

We all would like to link arms
We all would like to hold hands

In the aftermath
Of an earth quake
When the ground has slid around
And all the atoms of the wind
Are rolling on the ground
And all the sticks and stones
That break us
And all the leaves in piles of snow
And all the curfews that never ended
And all the roadblocks
That never go
Hang inside us
Move around inside us
Waiting for the van

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