The discontinuous
English life
As soon as you die
Everything goes

To the sale
To the tip
To the bonfire
The council rules
That nothing stays
They need everything
Cleared away

To the sale
To the tip
To the bonfire

Even the body
Of the one you love
Is cleared away
By the cold hand shove

To the sale
To the tip to the bonfire

Relatives who pick
And peck at remains
Are left with emptiness
And grieving pains

As everything you knew
Of husband and wife
Gets quickly discarded
By this
English life

You go to the morgue
More like a thief
As if you were stealing
Your own memories

From the sale
The tip
And the bonfire

To break from the past
In a thunderbolt smash
Into your life
Your love, your past
That goes to the ale
The tip
The bonfire

Mi Sol y Todas Mis Estrellas

You’re my sun my moon and all my stars
You’re all I need to fill my heart
You’re my Indra, Devi, my Avatar
You’re my land, my sea, my counterpart

Mi Sol y Todas Mis Estrellas
Mi sol y todas, mis estrellas

Audio and PDF

Song: Look Around You

Look around you, look around you
Do you see the space around you?
Look beneath you, look beneath you
Do you know what’s really beneath you?
Look above you, look above you
Do you know there’s nothing above you?

And your family are gone
And you have no Dad or Mom
And you wonder what went wrong
With your love

And your nerves – snap
Like branches of a tree
And your heart collapse
Never to be free

Walking home in the night
With the glow of twilight
It make you want to know?
What goes on?

Going to sleep
You could sleep for a week
And wake up not knowing