The red rubber ball

The red rubber ball came bouncing down the stairs
I picked it up which you’re not supposed to do
I spoke and said to me
There’s no love in my world

The little girl in a red dress came skipping into view
I asked for her name which you’re not supposed to do
She spoke and said to me
There’s no love in my world

The carrion crow landed on the windowsill
I asked it why it came here which you’re not supposed to do
It spoke and said to me
There’s no love in my world

You had no telling

I looked at the clock
It had no numbers
I looked at the thermometer
It had no measure
I looked at the book
It had no words
I looked at you
You had no telling

I looked at the trees
They had no leaves
I looked at the sky
It had no sun
I looked at the moon
It wasn’t shining
I looked at you
You had no telling

I looked at the gravestone
It had no name
I looked at the epitaph
It said nothing
I looked at religion
All was scrambled
I looked at you
You had no telling

Two mirrors sat down to talk

Two mirrors sat down to talk
Like two lions mouths that needed deeding
A blacksmith stood nearby with a sledgehammer
He had a writ for seven years bad luck in his pocket

The priest had asked him along
To break up any fight that might ensue

The clock ticked on the wall wouldn’t stop ticking
A stranger erupted in on the proceedings
Let me look at myself he said with a narcisstic sear
As soon as he sat between the mirrors
The scene erupted into a frenzy

A little mud lark started laughing crazily
And in his best cockney dialect said
Get a load of this you suckers
And tipped his barrow of mud onto the floor

As the priest in his mud stained frock ran out
The mirrors became calm and they stopped wrestling with the clock
It rolled away on the floor and came to a stop
It was precisely 12 o’clock at midnight

She had a leather sofa

She had a leather sofa
Sitting by the wall
It still had eye sockets
And it answered when she called

I was afraid that I would ruin it
Scratch and cut and bruise it
Attack it and confuse it
As it prowled around the room

Like a lion in a café
That roamed around cage
And jumped out of the window
In a kind of rage

this leather sofa blues confused me
I’m sensitive to things like that
and I don’t think anyone should sit there
If they’re easily scratched by a cat

Song: American Guns

American guns, are shooting up the boys and girls
American guns, are shooting up the whole damn world

they will shoot you if you’re black
they will shoot you if you’re Gaul
they will shoot you for a reason
they will shoot for none at all

every ones in fear that they’re coming here
every one’s afraid that they’re on their way
the world would be a better place
but they’re shootin up the human race

they will you in the playground
they will shoot a president
they will shoot outside your mansion
they will shoot you in a tent

they will shoot you for reporting
they will shoot you having fun
can you live a peaceful life
with all those American guns

“Drop your weapon and put your hands in the air”

Sibelius audio file American Guns

Sibelius PDF fie: American guns

The conquest of space

The conquest of space
Could get ugly

You can get there
In your sleep
You can follow the rivers
Of bright stars

You pack up your bags
And go to the moon
Your footprints
Are like a sign of ownership

You plant the flag
Of your nation
Yet you cannot say
Where you’ll be
In twenty years time

See the dust of stars
leave pile ups of debris

the bird of paradise
sings to the earth
desire the gold
of far away planets

and God finished his work
and look it was good


Heart of our hearts
Souls of our souls

They lie down dead
Like sleepers
Through histories landscape

Are our lamb chops
Are our gifts

Flourish like meadows
By their womanhood

Are where we sleep at night
Are where we eat in the morning

They are the moons of our bodies
They shine,
they control the tides
We do not and cannot follow

Now look back and see
How their broken hearts
Are blown in gusts of autumn wind
As cheap and as beautiful as autumn leaves

Song: Heaven only 20 miles away

I crossed over to the other side and found the same old thing
People fighting for their lives, sky a dish mop grey
Homeless people walking, with their broken wings
The road sign said to heaven, only 20 miles away

Families walking down the road following the sign
Broken boats and muddy coats and nowhere to stay
Thinking I should be there soon, it’s just a matter of time
The road sign said to heaven, only 20 miles away

Women on the wayside asking for a crust of bread
Children in the car park with their bandaged heads
All following the road signs in the morning grey
If you going to heaven it’s only 20 miles away

An old man in a wheelchair a lady on a crutch
A crippled soldier crying a dog without a hutch
Down the road they go by a closed café
And heaven is a town somewhere only twenty miles away

They said it was a western town a place to settle down
With houses to rent and jobs for life in a beautiful town
The forecast said the sky would be grey
All the road signs point to heaven only 20 miles away

A truck of refugees were singing a weary song
A man without a passport who had no were to belong
And just as it was getting dark and I could not find my way
The road sign said to heaven only twenty miles away

Song file for heaven only 20 mile away