You’ll Understand

I visit you with the frame of this knowledge.
I saw an opportunity to fly like a bird along the hem of your skirt.
As madrigals in the syrup were disconnected from the green lovebirds
By a bolt cutter’s eye of love.

I see an opportunity to develop the plum that encompasses this chase of fairies in a domino box used as a fire grate
I see this opportunity to pierce into the world of closeness and fire-cloud kisses in the transferred oceans of outer space.
I see this opportunity to express the love-fear to be close where these feelings will suddenly exist in the real world and cause things to happen I had not contemplated.

But what – The satisfaction of being joined be zebras in a gallon of potash
Where the burning smothering flames of a zookeeper’s baby faced elephantitus blue tit
Stands face to face with me and tells me
the hard shocking truth about
responsibility to the two claws
around the kitchen table
every Monday morning
before I go to school
with the face I had then
in an iron mask of a love-hens pencil
in a snow filled satchel of chemical confusion
stuck down with the life of afterthoughts and baboon balloons

Did I say I loved you or did this command line connect to the internet where a million of you are reflected in a mirror or did this command line bring up the window of absolute rejection I see prepared for the gravestone for living friar’s fast food chain of jet planes docks with the dandelions of absolution in the giant candlelight of the universe.


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