I’ve never seen such a mess

I’ve never seen such a mess –
The blades of grass
Standing out
Through barbed wire
An empty bottle
In deaths drizzle

Who owns the wild grass?
Who looks after it?

Little eyes in the blades of grass
Look around them
The wind is on fire
Little mouths in the blades of grass
Breathe in
The smoke of politics

I’ve never seen so much confusion –
Something has started to rip them
Out of the ground
Clumps of grass are pulled out
Like hair

The fields
Of silent panic
The wind is
Whittling them away
The solstice of the season
Keels over
Into a boneyard

The little blades of grass
Are stuck there
Wondering into what hurricane
Of disaster
The earth is turning

The spiders are leaving
The chamber
Followed by the mice

The cat ignores them and follows

The big man’s shadow
Is nailed to the wall
His face is making the wild movements of madness

Outside the hot-dog stand is on fire
The fluffy white clouds
Pass overhead
With a shocked façade

The blades of grass are alone
In winters cold warning air
The sun has a frosty blue face
And wears a fur coat

I’ve never seen so much chaos
As when the human mind coalesces into one
Fearful scream

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