Bible study day: The Anti-Christ

What I have learned about Adolf Hitler so far is that
He was a messiah to his people
He planned a 1000 year third Reich
He attempted to rule the world
He tried to destroy the Jews (Judeans)

In the bible, Jesus Christ is given a kingdom to rule the earth
With his followers for a thousand years
A similarity?

I also learn that an anti-Christ is expected to be a religious man.

In the bible days it was different to today and that the main enemy in the bible was mostly an empire or government, e.g. Rome, Egypt and Babylon.

Gods government is a government to rule the earth, so along these lines the anti-Christ maybe is to be a government also and what better example in history has there been than Hitler and the third Reich.

So the question is this, was Adolf Hitler the antichrist and if so was he a fulfilment of bible prophecy?

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