Studio Time

Well today is a bit exciting because I am going into a studio to record some songs. Woke up this morning . . . First thing to do is feed Katy the cat of course.
I’ve been practising all week on the songs but still can’t remember the words to the songs in entirety, but maybe I can do them a verse at a time. I’m pretty terrified, it’s been ages since I’ve done anything musically with other people and I’ve never been in a studio before. My appointment is at 2.30 at the bassment studios run by Felix of Tigersonic, Bassment Studio, something. It seems to be one of the few studios allowed to be open during the epidemic. I’ll take my phone and try and get a few photos. Its been a long time to get to this stage in my songwriting, a long struggle. I’m hopeful and blasé at the same time. Katy the cat has just finished gorging on her cat food and is on her way out. I will do a follow up tonight.

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