Massive Damage

Blues pulled inside out like a glove full of iron filings coughed up
The iron cross of luck with its stripes of blood

Grabbing the window like a steering wheel
I endure, like a wheel on the road of sacrifice

All traffic jams lead to Golgotha and the blood sunset
and Gods hands in the sky

Jesus picked up his keys and finally went home
Out of his mouth fell tap dancers like teeth

On the night before judgement day
He danced to Singing in the Rain

I took the window frame and sat down
The broken glass kept me warm

She was all that darkness that came from the night
I carried the window frame up the hill to a broken Hollywood

The Holly is a special tree made for drawing the blood out of fingers

Again, I try to get away from the talons griped around my neck
But I was nailed to the floor as a joke on spiritual Jews

I can’t do anything I lack peace with the world
The world throws grenades into my trench as I’m sleeping

I can’t do anything in the world
I am like a silk gold curtain in an atom bomb test

World, your voodoo doll speaks to you
Of the gigantic vultures of Rome

You say grab a Walt Disney DVD and don’t cry
Putty up and let the light shine on your grazed knees

I held it all; I embraced the cat of death
Down its throat I swam like an alligator swallowing an albatross

The love I think of as love has an anvil in its mouth
I could not dam the river and a bouncing bomb is not enough

Sunday night going down
I swim to find an air pocket

Play for me Titanic
The battle of Watling Street in my grave

Sunday night going down
A dead love crushed by a marching band

Look through the window
At the skull picked out in the moonlight

The deeper you fall the harder it is to stay alive
The well rumbles with laughter

They throw the window frame down after me
He’s blind they say, he’s blind

Down in the bottom of the well
Down in the graveyard worm pile

I still look for answers; I still need light
These thoughts came to me care of Copyright 2020

With Brexit on the news and Covid in my arms

Spiritual friends make the best friends
Spiritual rules will break you

Spiritual rules in the hands of fools
Cause massive damage

PS. The Jesus of verse 4 is a car mechanic and he lives in Spain

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