The Boroughs of London

A (bar chords) D
There’s plenty of room in the carnival
Gm A
So get up and do your thing
Or follow along in the carnival
And shake your tambourine

I took a trip to marble arch
It was so important to see
I looked for the door in the marble arch
But no one had the key

There’s plenty of bars in Soho
There are plenty of things to drink
There are plenty of girls to get to know
It’s not as bad as you think

Oxford Street is a funny old place
I’ve never seen such a crowd
There’s more people in Oxford street
Than visit the Turin shroud

There are many boroughs in London
It’s like a patchwork quilt
Only the river stays the same
Hurrying through all the guilt

This was an experiment. I saw a video of Lou read playing the rhythm to Queen Jane song so I wondered if I could make up my own and put a poem to it. First I came up with the guitar chord progression and then with that in my head I did the words. I did not sing because I suffer with asthma.

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