A normal altered state

There is poetry from the heart
And there is sound engineering

There is a brain inside the brain
And that is the brain of sleep

He is brought to life at night
In dream life

A spiritual flesh amongst the eyelids daily release
And floating on the ocean
The tip of the iceberg of sound
And the gripping the bars with his hands
The whale cries

The moons gravity
Is a talking sunflower

Before the embryo is engineered
The soul is already in the yolk

It acknowledges its existence
With excitement
It breathes in colour and sound
And then its mother appears

I dub you a boy
And you are relieved
You have made it

The winter’s hat
Shrinks to the size of a pin head
Like a pimple

The winter’s hat
Grows to the size of the night sky
And wears your head
Like a man of war

The winter’s solstice
Is the embrace
Of a dark woman
Who visits the earth
Once a year

Many have gone blind
Many walk in a coma
And all the clouds
Come when she calls

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