Sweet nothings

I used to love
Sweet nothings
When the sun shone
In the fields
I used to love
Sweet nothings
When she burnt
Our swords and shields
I used to play
With sweet nothing
And we’d walk
The avenue
I tried to capture
sweet nothing
But then
Away she flew

Now in comes
The Irish band
They play
Their songs of love
I go in search
Of sweet nothing
I leave
A trail of blood
I followed her
Into a mirror of debt
And I never came out alive
Now I’m tied
To these steakhouse blues
With sweet nothing
By my side

With sweet nothing
In my ears
With sweet nothing
And so many tears
Do you despise
The proof of your eyes
The sweet nothing of your fears

I longed for sweet nothing
I believe
She might have died
Perhaps to go
To heaven
A place to hide
Chances come
And chances go
They dance
Around the floor
While sweet nothing fades
In morning light
And disappears too soon

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