Flowers in the wind

I tried to think
Of what to say
But I couldn’t think
Of anything

I couldn’t think
Of what to say
For your kind words
The other day

For shadows of windows
And the play
Of light
In your mind
And the release of flowers
In the wind

I spent all of
My waking night
When I awoke
I had forgot
Until the sun
Shone on the box
We call memory

Though it rain
Or thunderstorm
Oceans tear
And meteorites burn
Thank you Shruba

The release of flowers
Into wind
Stalks and petals
And childish things
And all that beats
And all the wings
Thank you

I’ve been shut up
Like a lion
In the coliseum

I hear the
The Romans make
It’s not romantic

I’ve been
Caged up
Beside the arena
I press my face
Against the bars
And I see her

I don’t know
Do I love her
Or eat her
The Christian
Named Anita

I’ve been caged up
I’ve not been let out
The crowds are gone
The Emperors done

A small cool hand
Upon my muzzle
I fall asleep
To dream of the jungle

I’ve been caged in
By the gremlin
He feeds me meat
And water
And in return
I must learn
To make blood flood
The arena

I’m a lion
Not a beast
I do not kill
I do not feast
For sport
Like these
Human demons

Let me loose
Let me free
I’ll hurry back
To my acacia tree
And watch the sun rise
For they can never be
As free as me

There are no roads
There are no rivers
In the universe

The universe is nothing
And they would go nowhere

Sunlight said to sound
I’ll slow you down
I’ll get there first
I’ll wear the crown

Said sound to sunlight
Do not fear
I’m already here

Look at the stars
At the constellation of the guitar
That plays for you

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