Winter songs

The great lie
Have you seen it
Surfacing on the ocean

The great lie
See it grow
It covers the globe
Like a shadow

It grew in the heart of the primeval earth
Until it became earths greatest curse
It was gathered like blossoms of small pox
It uses arrows, swords and rocks
It controls the air space
It controls the borders
It hates peace; it loves disorder
It cloaks the mind with astral shade
It hides the dark assassin’s blade
It bocks the pathway love has made
With its armies from the grave
It unifies hate and breaks up love
It severs hands for prevalence of

The great lie have you held it
In the palms of your bloodied hands

I live in the fourth estate
But I can do nothing
God can do something

The forth estate I god estate
All the rest are nothing

Public opinion varied
Like ground cover in a field
So much public opinion
Denied and made sealed

Take the forth estate
Its easy to control
With guard dogs and weapons
with threat to your soul

and somehow amongst them
followers are easy to find
for waging war on their brothers
for breaking down the signs

I live in the fourth estate
I do not find it easy
Fighting through the garbage
Looking for a clearing

And if they decide to make
An artificial night
The populations of the earth
Go groping for some light

Without the forth estate
Without the common light
They must protect your freedom
Until they get it right

In yakin berg
He stood yakking
To the herd

His most popular yak
A stab in the back
In the dark alleyway

He replicated
His stature
In many public places

His best friends
Were all there
Stone statues
with his faces

Twiddling the knob
On your radio
Listen for voices
From abroad

Switching off the lamp
In your little room
When you hear
The clanging of a sword

Who would dare
Be brave as you
When spies were
Unwelcome guests

But you risked your life
For sanity
And you thirsted
for righteousness

This is part of what words are about
Freedom from tyrannical governments
With every limerick that you write
There is the battle of right and wrong

Get your official version
See it on TV
Climbing up a ladder
Away from likes of me

Ta ra da boom de ay
Ta ra da boom de ay
Deceived manipulated
From birth to clay

Reflections of reality
The plinth of free speech
Full of graffiti
As prisoners talk freely
In their minds
With access denied
By military action

The press
Was a frozen iceberg
On a cold sea

From the inside out
Becoming you
Not me

They took away
The village elder
Who kept things
Under control
And connected them
To the juggernaut
To the flattener
Of our souls

You wear the world out
With your grind stone blues

You wear out the world
With your wars
On your own
Or on foreign shores

You wear out the world
To the bone
And in its ashes
You will sit alone

My bones are watering
They are so tightly squeezed
I see the world turning
On a wind of worries

I ache
For words of comfort
But only an emptied skull
Have I
That once thought love exciting
Yet now beneath the earth I lie

As different to the flesh
The spirit is
It cannot be caught
Or hit by a fist

But few know
Or understand
that live and die
In this land

In the sky
way up high
you see the stars
before you die

We manage love
with used matchsticks
We see in darkness
with madness and fits

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