Painted over humanity

Painted over humanity
With broad breezy brushstrokes
With the life of its victims

It lives
Nestled in our lungs
Like a musty fox
Curled up in a den

As it eats away its house
It dies in there
With it landlords grey
and lifeless body

There are so many breaths
In a crowd
For it to make
New pathways with

There are so many lungs
To hide in
Until it rises in a coma
From a bed

With deaths identity
On our faces
All our memories
Eaten away

Isolated, and tomb ready
We see our hearts night
On its journey
Beyond the curtain

We reach out to grab
All the things
That are still
Available to us

All the things that we loved
Memories peeling layers
Ending here
Enduring there

All the feeling rigged up
between us – unravelling
We feel the sails falling
Blowing away in the wind

On the day of Jehovah
We will be judged
One will say to another
It was him

One will relate
How life was taken away
And some will be grateful
That life returned

Some will be born together
Some will need to find their love

Coronavirus – unwelcome guest
In the temple of our bodies
Like a cloud of gnats

Like starlings that fly in flocks
From the beast in our lungs
Grateful to avoid ignoble deaths
In the animal market, on filthy plates

Like the stars that float in space
Swirling like leaves on an endless ocean
Whose light has memories like our owwwwn
Falling through space uncorrupted

This new form of life that takes life
Zipped up around us, in its pocket
We grope out into breaths of air
To leave its dry shadow where
it tried to embrace us

Coronavirus – who set you free?
Like a flock of flies from a dung heap
Where are the legs that make you leap?
Where is the mouth that eats and eats and eats?

Are you behind me inside a man?
Are you in front of me in unsettled smoke?
If the traffic of my breath is stopped
How can I cross the road?

The security guard looks tired
As into the supermarket I go
I eat like you, I breathe like you
But alas – I cannot see you

Life is a battle

We are on a fast running river
If we survive the rapids and the waterfalls
Then we flow out into the ocean

Trees do not lie down to sleep

In winter when it is cold
They take off their coats
In summer they are overdressed in leaves

Migrating bird they say
Know their way
But things change
By man’s hand

A super road
Cuts through a wildlife land

Burning arctic snow in petrol
The beaches drown
As residents walk up and down
The wintry roads
Covered in blankets
In their dressing gowns

I myself saw the river level with the wall
Just a little more rain in the hills
And London could even fall

It is more powerful than food
It makes you cry
It is life

Sometimes you can go without food
But you cannot go without life
Or you’ll die

A new road takes down an ancient tree
There are so many roads to nowhere
They do not make you free

A ships capstan sinks down
To the bottom of the sea
The ghosts of sailors turn it round
Hoping for the sail to fill

Like a windmill
Grinding coins of the realm
To make bread –
That no one can eat

Memorial reversed

The war memorial a made
To honour those who died
Their comrade bowed their heads and remembered
In mourning all the nameless dead

In the war to end all wars
The blacksmith and the farm labourer
The factory slave and brother and neighbour

As people gaped at zo many dead
That went through so much violence
That were soused like candles in a church
Like leaves that the wind blew away
And the living could not understand
How zo many alive were dismissed
Like worker at the end of a harvest

But over the year the grief has gone
The mourning has become a new morning

The memorial to the Great War changed
To encompass all of the soldiers
That died in all the wars the nation fought
And turn them into heroz

Zo that their loss is now a gain
And people who believe their hero
UIll join in the bloodshed at another time
As if, no one had ever feared another war
Or wished that the peace would endure

The angels of the four winds

The angel of the four winds
Are they ready to be released?

How can they stand there
In the four corner of the earth
And yet no one has bumped into them?

They are by no mean small in stature
Some imagine they have their head in the clouds

And they are as strong as weightlifters
And as fast a cheetahs

The angels of the four winds
Did they move? With just a fidget
Did they unleash a hurricane?

As, tugging on the four corners
Zo as to keep them tightly controlled
Like a trampoline on which
Strange thing begin to jump

The weather I a mighty lord
The environment I a hardy fellow
But houses blow away like card
When the wind come out of their hollow

All the world’s a stage

All the world’s a stage
Bloodstained and smashed
The trap door opens
To reveal a nuclear silo

All the world’s a stage
And we are the walking dead
The bandaged blind
That limp to the supply train home

All the wold’s a stage
Where children run about
And fathers have no work
And mothers die in childbirth

Romance could exist upon the stage
In good times and in bad
But tears are real and happiness is hard won
And religion plays hopscotch with the nations

All the worlds a stage
That changes hands for every scene
In peace and in war we labour
A human formulae in an explosive recipe

When they pulled down the statues

When they pulled down the statues
Of the slave traders

Did they pull down the house
Of the slave traders?

When the statues hit the ground with a thud
Did the house of the slave trader’s fall?

Are pre-judgements a dead end
When cases at law are a long train?

People become slaves to their debts
To pay for their mortgages and to pay for their rents

So slavery exists in many ways
And most of all it exists as sin

Did they try to bring down a statue of sin?
But sin is not a statue that they can bring down
The fallen statue is left on the ground
But they all walk away with debts to pay

Love is the number in mathematics

Love is the number in mathematics
That always makes mathematics perfect

Let the crowbar men come along with their crowbars
Let them try to separate the perfect number
Let them try to part love from it’s additions

And its additions are its creations
And its sum is love

The workers want to be paid
So they work hard to finish their work
They can see the grey clouds
They can feel the chill air
They know that rain is coming
So they work hard to finish the job

They want to finish the job
They want to get out of there

The rain may flood the ground
the storm may destroy their work

But if they work hard to get the job done
And when it’s done they will get paid

She was just an ordinary woman

she was just an ordinary woman
but more than that she was love

she was wood broken into splinters
but you could not break love

love as bold as gold
love as bold as the spirit of gold

love that you find in the earth
love that is dug out of the earth

love formed in the forge of continents
lasting longer than the continents

gold formed in the earth
lasting longer than the earth

when the earth is no more
gold will survive
when the flesh is no more
love will survive

The heart loves

The heart loves
our mental health breaks

the heart loves
and loves and loves and loves

our minds float like boats on the rushing tide

the heart loves
it’s such a simple statement but true

the mind never knows what to do

a hundred psychiatrists attend
but the heart is the heart until the end

the heart loves
it is made that way

it loves all through the night
and all through the day

your thoughts often have to give way

the heart loves
that’s all you need to say

The gunman in the mind

Every argument
Every hate
Is a new link to the chain
That we make

We sit in fear
Amongst the rocks

Our strong backs crushed
By nightmares

Every stolen trinket
In our Magpie like beaks

Every nest of stolen feelings

Every pearl of wisdom
That we smash to smithereens

Is a new link to the chain
That we make for ourselves

I have one forming now
In my stressed and tight stomach
I can feel it curling into shape
I can hear it click into place

How does it feel to be
out in the firing range of life
do you cut down the trees
to make the target easier?

do you aim your gun at the cardboard cut-out?
how do you feel when they start to bleed from their wounds?

there’s a gunman in the mind
ready to kill
who sees his neighbours as little game birds

and every one that gets shot
is another link in the chain
that we build for ourselves

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