Please, please don’t bleed

Tears that scream inside
In executions of the mind

Welcome to my mental health
Cannibalised by black belt Celts

Oh sweeping brain with disinfectant
Polish neuronic cells of madness

With laboratory spins and washes
Squeeze all that sadness out

Storms of anguished brain patterns
Spongified and lacking vitamins

A Dalek monster in my head
Ordering everybody dead

But please don’t step on my blue suede shoes

The heart is an organ nothing else
The brain is mighty in power
All academics tell you so
From their ivory tower

The heart is left alone
With its veins and arteries
It only wants to antagonise
All our pure thought processes

Feelings are for fools
We align ourselves with strength
We analyse and work out wise
In this great world of events

The heart is crucified within
The heart is an ancient thing
A fossil remnant in our skin
It is not worth bothering

Brains don’t bleed, brains don’t grieve
Brains don’t feel a thing
We want all brains to take over
To our brains we cling

Our mental health is more important
We grow it in our heads like wheat
Keep our air weather mind-set gleaming
And our bookshelves on their feet

Love is not a feeling either
Love is explained by sex
An hour or two in bed with someone
Helps sweep the decks

Your mental health needs more than cleaning
Your mental health needs a new version
Your mental health is a crustacean
You have not the soul of a real person

Go back to your tinkering with thinking
Go back to your laboratories for brains
Stir your brain cells round and round
For all you believe has gone insane

You teach a woman to think
Who has work giving birth to children
What use is thinking in the throes of labour
And this is why women are not welcome
In the dusty book shops of universities

Well they are less welcome than boys
Who then experience mental health issues
And think they can rule the world
That they have the mental health to do so

But such fools are bound to fall
Even as they rise above the metropolis like angels
They fail because they’re sucked dry of love

No universities must restore love to their programme
They must learn to feel again
And like adding water to dry food powder
Success will float like balloons across the land

Love verses academic kill
Love verses mental health
Love verses madness
Love verses world conquest
Chose love which belong to summer

For love is universal
Without love, God would not create a thing
He would have left mankind to ruin
Long before Christs suffering

What is evil
Is it mental illness
Or is it the heart depraved
What is best a picking needle
Or a man born normal
Turned into a monster to fill the grave

Selfish thoughts they call them
A thing that cools the blood
But even selfish people feel better
When you spend upon them love

When the hero leader gesticulates
He stirs up emotions like fire
People are motivated t hate
By the actions of a liar

Those nations who were broken
By power and the lust for wealth
Those nations have been played
That dug a pit deeper for their enemies

I started writing in the sunshine
Now I can hardly see because of darkness
I wish the darkness would go away
But it strips me down to starkness

But don’t step on my blue suede shoes
Please don’t step on my blue suede shoes

The siren blared
Out in the street
Some kind of trouble
Attract the police
Leave the area
Someone calls
Another tries
To reassure
A dog is barking
On a leash
Get you gone
With no attempt
At forming ques
Dispersants thrown
Cuts and bruises
Please please don’t bleed
Please don’t bleed
On my blue suede shoes

Just after midnight
Cry you hear a cry
Some one stabbed him
In the eye
A cruising car
A smoky driver
With a crazy
Lady Godiva
You race outside
To the scene
It all seems
Like a dream
Carefull not
To mix up clues
You try to help
You think its news
You record
You tell your view
There is nothing else
You can do
He’s is in shock
He calls for Sue
In his stains
Of yellow and blue
You say
Please please don’t bleed
On my blue suede shoes

It was a disturbance
It was quite a din
They had to call
The army in
There was shooting
In the street
No-one had
The time to think
It all started
Over a little thing
Yet it set off
Some kind of spring
There was no time
To negotiate
No one felt like
Trying to wait
You run with the crowd
You hold no views
Please, please don’t bleed
On my blue suede shoes

A lot to get off of my chest about how the authorities think and condescend to people. The system that makes arbitrary laws and then tries to enforces them.
and of how lovingness is seen as a weakness by some.
I’ve tried to write each section as if for a different character like in a play or monologue.

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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