I’m the shadow of the man

I’m the shadow of the man
In a no-parking dreamland
I’m born to die
Inside a ventilation shaft
You came to me a hundred years ago
With a list of things I must do
But the museum of my tasks
Are covered in security systems

I’m the shadow of a man
Beneath the carpenters workbench
I stare with my big caterpillar eyes
At the buses in the distance
My body is as useless as a dead beetle
On roller skates, blowing a whistle
I’m going to California too
Before the great wave pays its bills and leaves

I’m the shadow of a man
That used to be a light switch
A removal van came for the light bulb
And spread its wings like a ladybird
In the underground station
The floor developed measles
And the last train was announced
By a spider

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