Life is a battle

We are on a fast running river
If we survive the rapids and the waterfalls
Then we flow out into the ocean

Trees do not lie down to sleep

In winter when it is cold
They take off their coats
In summer they are overdressed in leaves

Migrating bird they say
Know their way
But things change
By man’s hand

A super road
Cuts through a wildlife land

Burning arctic snow in petrol
The beaches drown
As residents walk up and down
The wintry roads
Covered in blankets
In their dressing gowns

I myself saw the river level with the wall
Just a little more rain in the hills
And London could even fall

It is more powerful than food
It makes you cry
It is life

Sometimes you can go without food
But you cannot go without life
Or you’ll die

A new road takes down an ancient tree
There are so many roads to nowhere
They do not make you free

A ships capstan sinks down
To the bottom of the sea
The ghosts of sailors turn it round
Hoping for the sail to fill

Like a windmill
Grinding coins of the realm
To make bread –
That no one can eat

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