Cat-a-wailing Katie

Kat a wailing Katie
Is going to California
To enter the competition
For world’s best cater-wailer

She got on a ship at Portsmouth
She sailed the Atlantic
She got a freight train out of Boston
And got off in San Jose

Just in time
Thousands of caterwailing cats
Had tried and failed
To ring the caterwailing bell

She took to the stage
She shook her fur
She opened her throat
A wailing began to stir

Like the sound of giant tin cans banging
Like a wolf holing at the moon
Only ten times louder
The universe shuddered at the tune

The needles vibrated on the cactus
The sand vibrated on the shore
The president somewhere in the white house
Jackhammered across the floor

Well done Katy come lately
You won the best prize of all
The world cup trophy for caterwailing
But please don’t do it anymore

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