In her dream

in her dream
she married Saturn
blinded by love
without fear
all her bridesmaids
sweet as icing
then disappeared

then the blackness
came upon her;
her opened eyes
were terrified

embraced in iron
by his granite hatred
in captives irons
in pernicious fate

and in the nursery
with her children
none of whom
seemed even human
came the hungry
raving king

came the madman
raving Saturn
to eat them all
like chicken wings

she left her tomb
in the desert
and walked for days
in the searing heat
she walked alone
like a writhing lizard
she slept at night
under a stone

and to the pyramid
where the mummies
slept in death
she lay down
before their statues
and there she breathed
her very last breath

3 thoughts on “In her dream

  1. Im thinking of another way to portrait saturn, cause I only have the goya version in mind. Theres gotta be another look, I mean, women keep getting married to him, and “just for greed” is boring.


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