Memories lost

You think that
• Losing your memory is like losing your life
• Losing your life is memories lost

The earth cannot bear so many memories
And death doesn’t store them up

What is more important to you
That you keep your memories
Or that you still can love?

I would give all of my memories for love
I would let love take all my memories

Memories are used – not often, not always
Memories are not always good

Some memories are like life itself
They recall the days of sunshine
They form like pearls, or like cancers

Life is a necklace of random pearls
Many go missing, falling to the floor
Searching you may be reminded of one

Memory closes like a flytrap
over the worst and the best

Memories are lost
but we can still keep out minds
We are still ourselves;
But minds that are lost
make us like inputs
attached to the earth
existing only for food and sleep

But I would hope
That out of sleep comes healing
slowly sleep gets busy with repairs
And we can wake up refreshed
Knowing who we are
Knowing our loved ones whom we lost
that moved about like ghosts in our vision;
ghosts we could not put names to

What power makes our focus fade?
An inner blindness of the heart
Does the soul walk away from the body
Unable to take any more of its life

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