Nature always bounces back

Nature’s bubbles in a stream
You pop one, it becomes a pack
This be real, it’s not a dream
Nature always bounces back

You gash the earth with railway wroth
On green belt land, you place your stack
I’ve seen myself, the green regrowth
Nature always bounces back

The forest grown to many a mile
Are flattened by the tractor track
A million seeds will target oil
Nature always bounces back

Mankind crawls across the turf
With little machines, they make a scratch
On the green giant of the earth
But nature always bounces back

Now listen to the battle cries
As man begins his final crack
At ocean tide and mountain fire
As nature always bounces back

You chuck the earth into a bin
You lay a road you hope will last
But like the blemish on your kin
Nature heals and bounces back

Then in parliament they motion
Save the planet, then have a snack
But save yourself, there is no lotion
For nature always bounces back

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