Hey, Mr paper bag

Hey, Mr paper bag
How are you?
Not too good
I was empty
And I got thrown away
Yea, I know how you feel
I’m not empty
But I still got thrown away

Hey Mr paper bag
How long you got left?
Only a short while
The wind blows me along
The rain keep me moist
The sun letssss me sleep
In a quiet shadow

Hey Mr paper bag
Weren’t you useful once
All those years ago
When the grocer
Tore you from a hook
And filled you with stuff

Yea, but once used
I was thrown away
A non-entity
With a short work life
All used up

Well I was looking at you
There on the ground
And I wondered
Why am I looking at you?
Then I knew
I’m just like you
I’m just the same as you

The world is a street
That the wind blows down
It’s beginning is buried
It’s ending is foreseeable
It’s walked over, driven over
Bombed and pot holed
It gave birth to villages and gardens
But wherever it went
It left bodies and graves and mysteries
And it spread out
Into mazes and tunnels and labyrinths
And it ends
Where does it end?
It ends at the runway
The runway that ends
Where something takes off
Into the sky
And it never comes back
And where the street ends
Heaven begins
How do you feel about that?
How do I feel?
I’m scared
I’m scared of heaven
I find it hard to talk about
I try not to talk about it
But I think about it a lot
And where is heaven?
Heaven is wherever there is love
So the street that the world has made
And heaven begins
But who made heaven?
Oh, God made heaven
So maybe there is a God

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