Mindless and destroyed

The world was empty
For as far as the eye could see
And you were empty
Distance times loss equalled empty

Not a hand
Popped up from the horizon
From all over the country
Not a smile flew your way

In your left behind times
That began as a seed
And became a weeping willow tree
In the north midlands

Your eyes had seen it all
You had lived
With the fleeting family of art school
Who were all pack and gone
And you slept in your room
No better off
Than as if you were dead

So you got you wages
And without a friend
You went down to Walsall disco
And you paid on the door
And you had made it
So you thought

In an old room
Of a refurbished house
The music played
But you saw no one
You danced in the empty disco
You danced out your sorrows
You danced out your fears
You drank and you danced
And you danced alone
Until morning came
And you went back home
Mindless and destroyed

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