epic tales of worlds gone by

They built the temple

They built the temple of Babylon
Upon Gods order
It fell upon
But they still had the processional way
And it’s with us
To this day
And continued across Asia and Europe too
And went to America
As the great highway
And amongst the cars and the athletes
Running along
A prisoner for sacrifice
With a ceremonial song

In my sleep

In my sleep
I open up
With an eye

I see
A man from the sky
Come down
A sky slope

He whispers
Hope, hope

The men
In the sky
I envision them
Trying to think

I try my best
Not to lose them
Then I blink
Blink, blink

Epic tales of worlds gone by

The American tribe Indian lived there for comet year
You see them on the plain and forest in daily life

But miles and miles away the siege machines began
And The knights fought for land and throne

The American Indian don’t seem to have had throne
They had a seal upon them and that was all they asked for

Then came the galleon with horses and pikes and Catholics
Who ripped away the seal upon them and gave them disease

Then doomsday began to ride into the heart of America
Who’s word was death and who’s heart was a prison

the whisper

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