The eye tooth

The eye tooth

The eye tooth of walrus
The highlight in the eye
and sleepy time tears
On Hammersmith bridge

The time eye sleepy time tooth
Am I, but I get by
Walking the walrus in the sky

The walrus sphinx from Woolworths
Inside a man of ham
They sent the taxi to free me
And gave me a name

I robbed a grave
And I slept in an eye lid
Of magic astronomy
For nearly all my days

Then Mary came to see me
Leaving alarm clocks for the enemy
Leaving teddy bears hanging from the ceiling
You know the feeling

The eye tooth dug into the air
Of afterlife and prayer

So the walrus and i
Quietly moved away
And the eyes tooth just stared


They made a counterfeit warrant
And got inside
They took her away to the countryside
And left her there

They cleared out her safe
And made the cat cry
And left graffiti on the wall
Just to say goodbye

The lady of patterns

Tatters loves patterns
Patterns everywhere

May Klimt be in your dreams
And Picasso in your understanding

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