Vocal cords

When Jehova
Fashioned man
He gave him
Vocal cords
Like music
In the throat
Like poetry
In the mind

Look at them
How can you live
without them?
Unable to think
Unable to speak

Take away
Your vocal cords
And your thinking
Would die
If not in your life
Then in your children’s life

Love to use their voices
Singing, shouting
Calling their mother’s name

The engine
Of the mind
That makes the sound
Are the vocal cords

In different languages;
Out of its very own thoughts
Stories flow through them;
Memories are put into words
Without vocal cords
There would be
No intelligent speech

The mouth, the lungs
Make sounds
Big as a horn
Soft as a whisper

The creatures
Of the earth
Know mankind
Because of his speech
His music
Calms their hearts
And to God
The passages
Of his prayers
Are transmitted

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