The feathers of the robber bird

Like the feathers of the robber bird
All of humanity has grown

Are you the feather that falls out
Briefly enjoy being blown by the wind

Floating through the sky you begin to see
Everything the robber bird cannot steal

You settle safely on the ground somewhere
You begin to love without fear

The robber bird I passing overhead
He take you to feather his nest

All of life is hard
Even religion grind me down

What is this life I envision
Like the sunlight on the sea

Am I close to that life
Where am i?

Why does the sky close down
Like a lid on a box?

Will I lose my body?
If I try to climb out

Will I dissipate in the air

The knife of death
Prizes me open like a hell

Where is the war against such a thing
Hat is the victory?

In the great hall, there is singing going on
I walk across the field to see
I look through the great church window
At a congregation of blind children

The singing come from the collection box
The beautiful song come from the collection
The priest has no mouth and he stands there
Waiting for the meeting to finish

Money for food, blindness for love
Lured in by the music I become like a blind child

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