Alternative Lifestyles


Babies are born
From a spring
They emerge
One by one
They crawl
Through meadows
Through forests
Then they reach
The factory

Inside they are building houses
Inside they are making guns
The babies
All the way back
To the spring
To find hundreds more babies
Who had seen the same thing

Onion Parenting

In an onion
The parent
Is born first
Then the child is born
And covers the parent over
The parent in the middle
The children
Growing all around
When the family is fully formed
A plant emerges
And a new parent I born

Who needs men

Who need men
Who needs war
Who needs trains
Who needs hardcore
Let nature take over
The well spring of life
The meadow of morning
The forest of night

What if

What if
There was an earth
Where there was only one man
And females only gave birth to females
What would this earth be like?

Keep away
Star Trek

Three stars in prison

Three stars in prison
Who fell from the sky
There were three tar in prion
Who dreamed of their guy

Three stars in prison
Leslie Pat and Kate
Blood on their hands
For devotions sake

Three stars in prion
Brainwashed and sad
A lifetime in prion
For what they did bad

He twisted their mind
He spun them a tale
Now they are pending
Their whole life in jail

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