Thugs and fairy tales

Thugs to me
To me
Everywhere I go
Thugs to me
Thugs to me
In the rain
In the snow
There are thugs
About me
Thugs about me
They love
Their thuggery
In the wool
Thug in the wine
Thugs in the water
Thug in time
Everywhere I go
On rainbows

The thugs in long boats
Sailed to Lindisfarne
First they peed
Then they made
The Christians bleed
And what for?
They worshiped the god of war

There’s a black vein
Running through society
Supplying evil to every brain
It was discovered
In the forest
By lovers
What a nice
Of our tryst
They dragged
It to the castle
On the crag
Not knowing
What they really had
Along came
A witch
She’d found
A perfect match
She grafted it in
And let the evil hatch

The sound of a gunshot
Gets people running
All over the world
Panic sets in
They can’t control their limb
Just one bullet

The old colt pistol
A still in its case
It came
with the equipment
To make your own bullets
How innovative
How irresistible
When you’re out there
On the range
And you run out
Make your own

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