Song: Wilson (2nd version)

Yeah, that was Wilson
He was fast on the draw
Yeah, that was Wilson
He was outside the law

1.In his white silk shirt
And his Spanish hat
And his black waistcoat
How he cut a dash
With his iron guns
Strapped to his side
And the way he walked
And the way he died

2.How he kept so clean
With a barbers cut
who knows how
there’s no barmaids love
all that you could smell
was the smell of blood
and his spurs would jangle
around his foot

3.if you got in his way
you would have to pay
he’d humiliate you
til your hair turned grey
and your time ran out
and there a no time left
when he made his move
it was sudden death

4.Yea that was Wilson
he was fast on the draw
then he met one faster
it’s a gunslingers law
his evil heart stopped
his life slipped away
no one remembers
how he died that day

Wilson chorus on guitar

Father fetch those chains

Father fetch those chains
This boy he’s no good
Father fetch those chains
He’s not our blood – anymore

1.He won’t go to school
He just runs away
He won’t do his work
He just wants to play

2.He don’t believe in god
Neither in god’s love
He won’t trust in sacrifice
or in Lord Jesus’s blood

3.He does not act right
He sings in the rain
He gets into fights
He has got a bad name

4.Sister wants to say
He just needs our love
But he breaks the rules
Swearing like a lug

The sand cart

I did not find love in those days
I did not find wisdom
But I did have a sand cart

I loved to ride it everywhere
I was the strange boy with a sand cart

It was a donkey in a herd of stallions
It was a wooden duck in an eagles nest
It was a sand cart

I wanted a magic carpet like those tied up outside the school gates
I wanted the ceaseless stories of a library room
All I had was a sand cart

When I left for school in the morning
Behind my father
I was told
Do not forget your sand cart

The sand cart lived like a sand animal
It walked under my feet like a sand storm

And in my sleepwalking
It shaped itself into embryos of possible new me’s
Made of sand

Poems from recycled materials

I pick up the broken shards of glass
I want to make a poem with them

I pick up the broken twigs of trees
I want to make a poem with them

Do I hear the silence of negative sounds?
-Like clouds shot out of the sky?

I want to pick up the pieces of other people’s lives
And make poems out of them

And then I come to love
– who runs away

What is left

What is that noise?
It comes from your head like snow

Are you trying to fill up on thoughts again?
There is no more room

Run your mind through the wind
The chaff flies away like moths

What is left – think

When I talk to you at the crossing
A mythical train roars past

Are you going on a journey again?
Through boxcars of memories

Now I have found my place
Where I stand in a bottle of turpentine

What is left – think

The spider plant

The spider plant
If I can treat it right
Will treat me to its game
Of white leaves and green stripes
That seem to grow straight
And then to curl down
Strong from the root
then supple and round

a fountain of blades
styled in a salon
they dance and jingle
at the touch of a breeze

but then comes the stem
hollow like a straw
like a water pipe
that crosses the room

and on the end
a tiny white flower
unfolds from the instructions
sown inside the cloth
with out a seamstress
or a fashion designer

to cut out the shapes
and bind them together

then the tiny white petals
fall away
then some kind of seed
like the eye of a fly
hides mischievously
in a casing

then out comes
that baby spider plantlet
hanging on a stalk
like a tightrope walker

be careful then
spider plant lover
soon there are more
and the spider plant takes over

Nature is law

Nature is law
It is the rule of growth
It is the government of life

Nature is kind
The way it grows wild
So as not to overwhelm us
With its battalions
Nature is a belt
Around the waist
It supports us
Until our nature dies

The laws of nature 2

The laws of nature
Are about deign
About combined materials
That flows and blooms
That plays and rests

They are chemistry and biology
That interact
They are purpose and surprise
They are perfect and factual

From plants to planets
They are cyclic and measured
They explode and explore
They are energetic or leisured

Like an equation or an alphabet
They are numbered and named

They work and self create
They are vigorous and untamed

The laws of nature
Are governed by wisdom
We build and we grow
According to her system

In the vats of oblivion

In the vats of oblivion
How drunk we are
How intoxicated
How we stumble
Through the dark
How we ferment
Our blood
To see only
As the clothes
Of our love
Are stained by scarlet
Over a carpet
Of unconscious minds
We lift our glasses
To the four winds

In the vats of oblivion
What was white is now red
What was a church
Is now a prison
What was a prayer
Is now a judgement
The drinkers of blood
Our evil bedfellows
Encircle the wine vats
And trample our life source
And a river of wine
Flows down a mountain
And a cloud of thick smoke
Turns the city to pyro clast

In the vats of oblivion
The consortiums are at work
They trample
who are too vain to see
The darkness they support
Like the packs on mules
And their towers of light
Are simply emulsion white

Are you underground?

Are you underground?
Are you outlaw?
Are you bad sound?
Are you dance floor
Get out your tooth
Get out your claw
It is underground
Versus outlaw

Out of the darkness
Out of the death
Out of the mountains
And the wilderness
Get out your tooth
Get out your claw
Here comes the battle
Underground versus outlaw

Underground’s dark
Underground fights dirty
Outlaws are fast
Outlaws are fury
Get out your tooth
Get out your claw
Here comes the battle
Underground versus outlaw