Mask over love

Mask over love

There are two sides to every fear
And in the middle is decay

We eat decaying sandwiches
A little goes a long way

The fears of the child
become the man

You collect fears from the depot
Of lost fears

Like hording clothes
For emergencies

We love our fears
For embodied in each one

Is the mask over love

The principal of death

Like a drip in a cistern
Death becomes the reason to live

When upbringing
Brings failure
It’s easy
To torture
A scapegoat

Whole nations
Brought up
By failing governments
Transfer onto others
The image of their failings

Hating when love
Ignores their spiritual pain
With empty words

How wars begin

There’s a man
Who shits on himself for evil
He then
Walks into a room
With a wager

What is that smell
The people say
And they begin to listen

As clenching his fist
He lies saying
Someone else
Did that to him
Let us turn against them

A man without legs

A man without legs
In front of the sea
Black curly hair, white shirt

A seagull in the sky
Melts like a broken egg

A clock
Is stuck to the clouds

What is this body for? He said
His prayer to the wind

The foam of madness
Along the seashore

On the crest of the waves
Men with wings
Sat smoking pipes

Love, gold, light

Love Gold Light
That floated Swam
Bright buttery sea

Her eyes focused
Wide, filled
Jewel of light

As she believed
A future comes true

Love Wordless Eternity
And then it was mended

Like levels of floors
She reached the top
And took me there

The simple ways

I understand
Said the roman wall

From the North Sea
You can see Rome

This is our land
Said the bird in the sky

A land of heart and bone

Take away
Your top soil
The earth beneath
Is ours
And any creature
Landing here
Will be free
From foreign towers

Their pain
Fills the water
The river
Is not clear

Their foundations
Try to alter
The land around
So dear

If my face
Were made
From glass
Maybe with your ways
You’d smash
The backbird song
The beaver tracks

The simple ways
Far from Rome
The simple ways
Of heart and bone

Oh the simple ways
Of all our day
Oh let me save
The simple ways

Hard cash and war

The brains are made of porridge
The orc bird steals their children

They never say they’re sorry
They let their bankers kill them

Their hearts are in the wrong place
Their tears are paved with money
Their politics calls out to them
Come and give us our dummies

Love and insecurity
Things that they don’t like
Hate and security
Better suit their psyche

Giving in giving in to the hard cash
Promising promising the hard cash
Hard cash and war
They really wipe the floor
With you

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