Is there a god inside us – our self?

Is there a god inside us?
our self
is there a spirit overall?
is there a maker of thoughts?
a maker of feelings

if there is
if it is a weak self-god within
are we weak
if there is a strong self-god within
are we strong

our inner god can be good and bad
within us
so we are not perfect

is our inner god our soul?
is our inner god
does our inner god
need to be interconnected to be whole?
with what’s in our hearts and heads

sometimes we even talk to our selves
in a normal way
do our inner discussions
form a continuous changing inner god

our godliness within us
is our best or worst as people

the physical world can change us
can attract us
are we then we are still human?

part of this is our conscience
this seems to be the rock
that our whole being is anchored to

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