Take that weight off of your mind

Take that weight off your mind

Take that weight off your mind
Take that wedge out of your heart
Instead of stone, sow seed
You can make a new start

The town you are in is a hard one
With streets of dismal drab
Come and see me, I will make you smile
Together we will never be sad

Take that weight off your mind
Come and follow the lines of signs
Everywhere you go today the sun shines
I’m yours and you’re mine

Pet dog blues

Pet dog blues
You give me Pet dog blue
I’ve been a part of you so long
I think I really am you

Pet dog blues
Only my empty bark echo’s in the wind
Only my serial number in the mirror
Shows I’ve never really been

My nuts and bolts are loosening
Soon your pet dog dies
Thinking only of you
Forgiving all your lies

I feel like a fountain motionless in the sky

I feel like I’m a fountain motionless in the sky
I feel I might start living ever since you came by

I thought you might desert me
After all that has been
I’m glad that you are with me
I’m your fountain, you’re my dream

Now I’m flying I was kneeling
Have you ever known such a feeling?

I’m your jack-in-the-box

Take me out, open me
I’m your Jack in the box

I’ve been stuck in the darkness
So lonely have I been
Then you came and found me
And opened up a dream

I’m your jack in the box
I’m bound to spring up out at you
It’s not that I’m being square
That’s only on the outside
Inside I really care

You’ll never know how much I cried
But no – I’m your Jack In the Box
But no I’m your Jack in the box
And I’m bound to spring out at you

A big buzz fly

A big Buzz fly comes into my room
And I lose how I felt about you
He’s so noisy like a buzz saw
He cut me up in two

I know that I might loose
That we’ve never really been friends
Go home to your buzz fly
I hope you make amends

There are many too many buzz flies
All around you
I try to swat another
Will I ever get to love you?

I don’t know what is wrong with me.
I should be sad and blue
But I woke up with the happiness bug
Feeling good and new

I’ll have to go back to my poetry

I’ll have to go back to my poetry
To sitting in chairs in dusty rooms
To human easels crying like rain
To mopping up the tears of the moon

There are a hundred and one dagger in my soul
I bleed so much I’m feeling very cold
How can it be the sun makes me lose the blues?
What should be, what should be my goal

I’ll have to go back to my journey
I’m like a pilgrim in the land of the night
I’ll have to go home to the wax works
To watch the dummies melt in their spite

There are a hundred daggers in my soul
I bleed like a murdered goal
There are a hundred daggers in my soul
How can I ever be whole?

I don’t feel like being miserable

I don’t feel like being miserable
I don’t feel like being sad
But what I need to be happy
Is a hundred miles away

Remember this day forever
When you climbed the mountaintop
It can’t stay this way forever
I’m not a have, I’m a have not

But I don’t want to feel like being blue
I don’t want to be so sad
But I watch the bird melting on the rooftop
I’m either dreaming or I’ve gone mad

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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