Yazzle dazzle doo, hey babe what’s new

Here is our world
Who can believe it?
One-step forward in triumph
Two steps back into disaster
Into broken eye soup
Full of skeletons

On the edge of the world
You don’t need hilltops to see it whole
Its image-makers are busy
In every origami corner of the eye
Of electricity boards overloaded

Every seat before the world
In every chair everywhere
You see the thunder and the lightning
On screen
Then you look out the window
And there it is for real

The plan for the edge of the world has
A room a chair and a TV set
And pictures blossom like poisonous plants
As words of explanation
Roll out like ticker tape

Smart and ultra-smart
They watch you too
From the edge of the world
To your corner on the edge

From the very tipping point of time
At the edge of the world
fantasy movies Whitewash
pale powdered fish
Trawled from the ocean trenches
Of the human mind
In the grinding cogs and wheels of corporations
Labelled with government permissions
For safe viewing in homes
With plenty of telephones
But no food

Here is our world
Who can believe it?
Who remembers if it is real anymore?

Plenty of TV and no food
So we can watch the world melting
Breaking apart from its ice cap
In the far north of the freezer

Babbling Babylon on TV
At regular times of day
Unused food fillers recycled serials
Painted dancers plastered chefs
With bloodlines into banks
Chanting to ghosts of suburban nights
Still mowing the precious lawns of their lives

What do you want?
Do you think of breaking on corners?
Who is your superhero?
Do you believe in comics?
The whole world is a comic
The next issue is a special

Your mental syndrome
Is recyclable
There are plenty of killing fields
That roam the world like garbage trucks
What trust can you have in a smart TV?
As it revolves through its programmes
Like whale food

And waiting for street lamps
To shine
You miss the sun as it leaves us

With all this centuries progress
But it’s still the same old shit
Yet the heavens will be glad
When the wagon train reaches the ocean

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