The kiss of barley

The kiss of barley

The kiss of barley
Is the kiss of a dead woman
How it tastes like the earth
How it claims me like a siren

The kiss of barley
Is like an open mouthed grave
Is like the ground where love died
That returns for my spirit

The kiss of barley
Is a thousand walls between
It is imaginary like a Japanese print
It is gone like a shadow into a shadow

The kiss of barley
Has a fast and furious effect
Its chain are around my intestines
Its oblivion is my love

We are two

We are two angelic flames
That hover in the sky
That have escaped
Out of our heart
That have sought refuge
In a dream of leaving

In our living graves
We hurt each other
Our voices are knives
For spreading calamity
Upon ourselves

We are left in the barrel
We are the earth without men

The songbird is filled

The songbird is filled
With what like has to offer
It I a state of exuberance
At the gifts it has been given

Its little spirit rules over men
And humiliates them

Men have become traders
In stones and shells
That a huge tent of death covers over
That they forget

The women smile and don’t know why
The men fall in love and hope to die

If one man was an angel
No one would even ask why

From a tree

From a tree
A magpie caws like a bedlam inmate

It’s not the same as yesterday’s magpie
But it does the same job

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