Another day further back

Another day further back
Further than the sheets of sand
Further than the folds of mud
Back into the tangled reeds
Whose arms reach out
To grab the shipwrecked slaves
Tripping in their chains
Onto the reedy floor

Pushed back by the waves
Left in the folds of its footprints
Between the wrinkles of sand
Between the tidemarks of time
The strata of damp folds of mud
Pushed back against the sea wall
Those who cannot swim
Those escaping from the terrors of the sea

Pushed back by the sea
The sea of love
Into the old age of mud
Mud that buries the mud
Waves that lift mud to fall on mud
Waves that slowly bury
Flotsam and jetsam
In blankets and sheets of new mud

The heart tortured by storms
The heart cut by winds
The heart, a sea going heart
Shipwrecked on a wild shore
Stuck into the sand
Pushed back by the waves
Back into the mud
Back into the reedy marshes

Do I walk the beach alone
Do I see the bleeding sunset
Do I hear the call of the wild wind
Screaming on the wet red horizon
Does my heart melt
Its blood dripping into the sand
To be like the birds screeching
Flying above the murdered sea

Beyond the darkening sea
The daylight falls into the earth’s face
The sky is blue the sea is green
In a distant day the other side from here
Where I walk on the red stained sand
Chains of reeds clinging to my ankles
Where I try to drink the red stained sea
Through hands and fingers made of sand

3 thoughts on “Another day further back

  1. This is rich with metaphors and sadness that describes such a time of horror and pain. Sending love and hugs, not easy to tackle such an enormous scar on history that still rears its very ugly head unfortunately. The visual is so sad. love Joni


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