I am not looking

I am not looking for long stories
To take me into eternity
With it’s eye on the door left open
A large crowds pass blindly by
Over the river in the sunlight flowing out
Of the secret place beyond time

I am not looking for the long stories
Of question and answer, order and abeyances
Disgorged from a rooftop gorgon
A hot and tacky slew of ideas
Or the spikes and balloon of words
That race toward an ending

In stories where you die and are carried along
Suffocating longing for the juice of an orange
The variety of laughter and tears
In the grapes and blackcurrants of fixed forms
That don’t hide any twists and turns of plot
That end like meat bread ends on a long table

I am not looking for long stories
Of love racing ahead
That you are unable to grasp
That drags you along through the canyons
Of broken wheels where people of stone stand
Silent and forgotten weathering the storm

I am looking for truth a strong as a lily
And love like the song of a bird

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