Things are changing fast

It should now be the summer
But the summer’s stayed in bed
It should now be the good time
Yet people look like dead
Thing are changing fast
They leave debris in my head

It used to be so quiet
But now its noisy everywhere
There should be time for thinking
Yet people hardly care
Thing are changing fast
It so hard to pay the fare

The wheat it should be growing
But now it erupts in fire
The apple should be ripening
But floods reach to the spire
Things are changing fast
They leave me feeling tired

The crows are moving in
The sparrows are moving out
The days of peace are trembling
The battleship sails about
Things are changing fast
No praise comes from the mouth

Doors were once left open
Now borders are closed down
You’d go out at the weekend
But someone closed the town
Things are changing fast
Things are upside down

These days you just keep working
You work at what you can
You keep your debts to minimal
You do not anger the man
Things are changing fast
It’s hard to understand

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