I’m not there yet

You hear a knock on the door
You go see
If its me
But I’m not there yet

You hear footsteps through the trees
You look
But all you see now are rolling seas
I’m not there yet

You may see a light on the mountainside
On a stormy night
In a landslide
You go to dig a hole in the snow
But I’m not there yet

You may switch on your TV
And see a face in the crowd
That someone has covered in a shroud
Its not me
I’m not there yet

You may wake up in bed
And believe you see a smile from a forehead
You’ll jump up and down and then tears might roll down your face
but it’s not me yet
It’s just some space
For a word or a picture or a future place

You stick your hand down a dark well
Where you hear a small voice and you can see two eyes
And you try to grab a hand and you pull
And out comes a ghost ringing a bell
But its not me
I’m not there

You wake up in your home
That’s missing a wall
You go down to the graves
Of the dead from the war
You look at the names
Scratched on the floor
But I’m not there
I’m not there yet

It might not rhyme at the end

It might not rhyme at the end
But it might rhyme in the middle
Like skipping rope and games of tick
And games of puzzle and riddle

It might not match at the corners
It might be too long in the hem
But it might have a pocket of utter madness
That I’ll never find again

It might get tied up in a ships knot
Or escape me like a long silver blue fish
It might start with a complaint
And then it might end with a wish

It might tumble into the ocean waves
Without order or giving a sign
It might take with it a house or a town
An epoch, an era, a time

Visually it looks like a Celtic art
Yet it sounds awkward like a cobblestone cart
It may be a dream
It may be my heart

It may be for being together
It may be for being apart

She wanted to come in

She wanted to come in, I know
But she brings with her
Mountains of rock
Valleys of snow

While I stumble inside
On a pebbly beach
On ankles like rubber
And sand bag feet

She wanted to come in, I’m sure
She did, as she stuck to the door
A speech of what more
And where else and when

She wanted to come in with her
Old iron plough that cuts out corners
From the walls and the windows
And leaves tea stains on the carpet

I simply just had to cut a tunnel through the ocean
Cast a magic potion and dance the night away in Goshen
With the Israelite slaves and the Egyptian boatmen

She would topple my totem pole and rob my tomb
She’d recline like a phoenix in smoky gloom

While rivers roll and the stairs are lost in time
She simply wanted to come in
But it was just at the wrong time

The shadow down from the hills

Speak to me, teacher from long ago
Tell me why you let me go
You were already corrupt, you and your crow
You were also weak in the blood night flow

To teach you did not know how
Teach yourselves and let the shadows grow
There was no aim to fulfil your role
You were self-absorbed in your own goal

But the shadows that came down from the hills
That flooded the town with tears
You didn’t give your time to understand
You let them slip through your hands

Yet shining a light on the shadows you’d see
It’s light and colour revealed

The so called teachers of my youth
Always so aloof
The so called teachers of my soul
Always so cold

Did you think you just had to be there?
Like a gravestone on a grave
The dead teach but only one thing
That life is short
And death is in reach

The river of life
Flows right through you
While your heart and mouth stay shut

If you were born from the shadows like me
Beware of bad teachers that just let you bleed

The skin on the milk

Most of them are career people
They want to climb to the top whatever way they can
Whom they hurt along the way they don’t care
They stick like glue to their plan

If they make a mistake, they don’t admit it
They’re afraid of how it looks
They put on a face and get on with it
They don’t care whom they fuck

If there’s something they don’t know they will lie instead
To make themselves look good
They can deceive anyone and everyone
They take pleasure in the sight of blood

They don’t like polyester
They prefer the feel of silk
They think that they’re the cream of the crop
But they’re just the skin on the milk

When the enemies

When the enemies of your land
Attack you with all they have
It is hard for the ordinary people
But when the government is also the enemy
It is harder still

The blind may stumble
Yet their eyes are open to riches

When a neglected child says
I will make you look at me

It happens for a split second above the clouds
And then a fall into tragedy

Menacing the flowers

Death will not improve you
Menacing the flowers like you do

The powers will rise up next spring and say
He gave us life and he took life away
So we’ll do as he does

Death will not improve you
Amongst the garbage in the valley

The dead will rise up and put their twine around you and say
He gave us life and he took it away
So we’ll do the same, in the same old way