Inside the room

Inside the room there is a step ladder
But why, what for; is this a joke?

The room has no trapdoor in the ceiling
There are no doors or windows in the wall
She has been sealed in

She is pregnant and the baby is due in a few months

Now she falls asleep and in her dream
She sees a man descending the ladder
He leans toward her and whispers
Can I help you?

The voice wakes her up
The room is dark, she can barely see
But no one is there

Now she is starving to death
Her body is thin
Her child has little chance of being born alive

The room roars with laughter
The room has no eyes, ears, or mouth
Yet it seems alive

Why are you doing this she asks?
But there is no answer

Except for that dream again
Of a man who descends the step ladder and whispers
How can I help you?

She has gone through all the emotions
Terror, self-pity, anger

Now as hunger takes completely over
She is too tired to feel too much

And now it is time to give birth

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