Elegy to climate change

The new army
The new model army

Each soldier
Is desired by women

Each soldier is put to use
Each soldier pushes back the boundaries

Frees the women from slavery
Frees the women from early old age

Coming in the great vans of the manufacturers
Coming to their doors

Just this strange wind
Just this strange rain

Of ocean currents losing their way
Of greenwoods burning

Of the gloomy clouds in the sky
Of clouds looking lost and frightened

Of sunlight lost in a storm
Of moonlight in cloudy prisons

Just this strange this heavy rainfall
Just this thunder, this beast hurt by battle

This clashing of sword against shield
This clashing of lightning against roof

This athlete who does not wait
This constellation that spins out of control

Oh carbon
Oh, black carbon
Where do you go?

With your disturbed sleep of ages
With your spoilt dreams

Oh carbon
Beneath the grass sleeping
Inside the ice dreaming

Oh carbon peat mummy
Spread out like the dust of angry toads

Oh carbon dust pile
Blocking the lungs of trees

Oh carbon
Out you come
You have a score to settle

Your work has begun
Your judgement is upon us

Should God be told of it
He would be sad
Should God wish to see
He would be angry

And governments would fall
Like red and green monopoly houses
Into a bin

Is that a sea of water in space?
No, it is a spirit

It moves from one edge to the other
Without putting out the stars

It rests in peaceful coexistence
With galaxies
That cover it like a hand-sown eiderdown

Where are its eyes
Where are its mouths
How can it hear the sound

Of cars on the freeway
Of wars in the jungle

Satellites pass right through it
As if it were not there

It’s a great sea of life
That you cannot see

A great sea of love
That you can love

We are, daily faced with this horror of climate change arn’t we and the future looks uncertain doesn’t it?

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