Media Control by Naom Chomsky

in Media Control by Noam Chomsky, in his intro to is little book, he counter poses two views of democracy, 1: that democracy has the public participate in its own affairs with free information, and 2: that they are barred from doing so with controlled information. He argues that it is the latter that prevails in our society. What do you think?

Counter poses means set in opposition to.

Media Control the spectacular achievements of propaganda. 2nd edition pub by seven stories press.

3 thoughts on “Media Control by Naom Chomsky

  1. I think that many people are lazy to look up information and barrier themselves from getting information from multiple sources. Not like somebody does not allow it 🙂


    • Thank you so much for responding. this little book says if you look up democracy in dictionary this is the usual definition and this Chomsky says this is the prevailing conception in England. anyway the next chapter is an early history of propaganda. Which I will try to look at tomorrow.

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  2. If one hates their children, then they send them to these public propaganda camps. I’ll say it another way. If I discuss thinking for yourselves, those in these pretend education centers don’t understand. If I share the same with a home schooled student, they immediately understand. Do not send your children to public propaganda camps. There, they lose all common sense, their morals are destroyed, they learn to hate their parents, or real parenting, and they learn to hate real understanding.


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