In demonstration

There is some truth
In demonstration
There is also a demon

There is some truth
In demonstration
But a lot of things go missing

As you stand
Face to face
With the wall

There’s a young girl
Who doesn’t know
How she got there

Being chased
By closed ranks
Of armoured horses

There’s truth
In a broken skull
But not obviously so

Its’ break is a sign
Of someone wronged

But the club
Cares not what it is

The violence
If it spreads
It’s forgetfulness
That turns it into fury
Leaves a puncture
A weakness
To heal over

When people can forget you
You were only a stain
That is washed away

There’s’ truth
in demonstration
There is no escape
From the silence

To escape the noise
Is to hide it
Inside you
And to run away

A sole demonstration
There is plenty of truth in it

It comes direct
Out of suffering
It makes a stand
One person risks all

Ahead of a great army
Being called together

What can change the things
that are causing hurt

Twist the wooden head
Stop up the dummies voice

Who can reach the puppeteer?
Surrounded by a defence of iron

A whisper gets thru
Several arms and legs move

Finally reason takes over

When ever I hear of demonstrations gone wrong I hark back to a festival where a line of police horses charged and we all had to run. Also I think of that brave soul in China who stopped a tank by standing in front of it.

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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