Finally – free of time

Finally – free of time
Getting to know
What life
Is like

Being accepted
To call you mine
Without argument
Without fight

What’s in love
Is all in love
What’s in love
Is everything

What’s in love
Is filled with love
What’s in love
Is the greatest thing

Free of time
Getting to know
What life is like
No more counting
The passage of time
With all that doubt
With all that doubt

Do you like
Do you live
Like a hologram
Or are your dreams
In the ether
Do you dream
Then live again?

Can you bring
The world together
With a machine
Of technology
Can you dream
Of us together
Making our own

Machines do not
Haunt you
Like love can
Came late
Onto the stage
Of man
Love came before
I ever knew you
It imagined you
Across the sand

You know girl
I love you
But things will never
Be the same
So take me
To the station
And put me
On the train

Love was simple
Love was true
Love was meant
For me and you
Until a world
Of trouble came
It’s a shame
I cannot stay

I don’t know now
Who you are?
Are you the devil?
Are you the star?
Love denied
By the father of the dead
Love destroyed
By the evil in man’s head

There are no years between us
Only the sun
In the sky
That changes the way
God heals us
Life or death
Live or die

These words
Are meant as songs
But will I ever
Get the chance
Who knows?
There’s still time
Tonight, tomorrow
Next year


Can you see
The cat on the bench
And the dogwood rose
Can you see
The flowering shrugs
Where the honeysuckle grows
If I were not at peace
Would any of this grow
What more can I do?
What else is there to know

Can you hear
Occasional laughter
From the window where I live
Can you hear some odd discussions?
It’s only what I give
If I were not at peace
Would any of this exist
What more can I show you?
Then this

Some have only just begun
To build their garden
Some think that a garden grows by itself
Some have a garden built on a graveyard
Some think a garden is brought with wealth

Can you hear the occasional bird singing?
Can you see the slugs and snails around the leaves?
If I were not at peace
Would I bother
To entertain anything
Like these

Spinning wheel

Spinning wheel

My life has been like a wheel
Spinning out of control
Until it spins quite freely
On an axis made of gold

And although I reached out to people
People did not respond
Then I saw a greater thing
In the mountain range beyond

Washer and buffers

We are like wheels without washer
We wear down in rust
Pollution gets to us
It’s all dust

Like a station without buffers
When the train comes to crash
Blood leaks out like water
Into the wash

the last smile

I like to see the depths of people
Bubble up into vision
I who have been deprived o truth
Like a bird deprived of wonder

And I to you will not leave lies
Like a mine field in your harbour
But I give you a truth ingredient
To mix in with your grit and your doubts

In the dream of dying
I will be a trickle of a stream
A last smile, a last heart beat
And you to me will be like a golden air
Preserved forever in the sun

Hello and hi

I’ve had laptop trouble recently. I had a Lenovo idea pad that had a broken hinge and a row of broken keys. It got too much after a while, trying to correct everything was a nightmare and I left off blogging for a while. Now I have this new Lenovo Yoga 260, touchscreen. And I’m beginning to return to normal. I have a back log of poetry to type up. Best regards to all bloggers everywhere.