My mind is menstruating

My mind is menstruating
A flood of images into my mouth
Maybe – it’s a madness
Maybe I’ve never been myself

After the menstruation in dark night
Debts are paid, dogs no longer bite
Hair grows longer like a waterfall
Freedom fights for one and all

A flood of images like the smell of blood
Mixed with alcohol and love
Drunk I get on trays of shots
Dreams to clear away like blots

I open up the page of light
New and bright, like beetles there
Take it or leave it, I don’t care

After the menstruation in the bright sea
The monsters sleep in the light of day
You are free the gremlins too go away

Menstruating poetry
Without the use of illegal substances
I can write like death

You do not need a judge to be in a prison
Love walks with you there to die
So bad is the need for love in this world of the lie
If it comes to this – Do ask why?

After menstruation there’s new love to find
Scattering the signs
like the crosses that mean life
With new eyes

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