Green truffle pie with gravy blancmange.

After 3 or 4 days of saw-toothed grey winter skies the sun is shining and the cat has gone out.

I was listening to the Beatles double white album. I have two versions on CD. one has half the album. The energy here was john lennons. If it was Paul and George only on the album it would be good but silly.

Oh no its Nicola Sturgeon on the Andrew Marrs show. It’s like listening to the twitter of baked beans.

Birchfield House cut the hedge outside at last, it was 20 feet high and blocked the sun. I live on ground floor. Unfortunately, it’s gone to other extreme. Now it looks like the Somme battlefield.

I’m so behind with blogging, I can’t cope. I should wake up in the morning and get stuck in but all I do is feel sorry for myself.

I’ve got a painting I’m trying to finish but feel too down spirited.

Oh well, “there are other people worse off than me”, as they say in the poor areas of GB.

and I keep getting this with every post I try to publish

“Updating failed. Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘id’)”


I’ve been selling things on Ebay and posting items using My Hermes courier. Three items sold, two items gone astray. Then late at night I open my eyes in the darkness and see the writing on the wall – My Hermes has your item but cannot deliver. So, I try to sort it out and it’s like trying to send an email around a corner.

Are you worried about your mental health; do you have panic attacks? It seems to be happening to everyone on the planet these days.

Excuse me while i have my mornings panic attack.

Sometimes I have a thought. Then I see the thought mirrored on a TV news chat programme and its someone else’s thought. Am I able to think without my thoughts entering the TV and being ping ponged about like marshmallows?

I have a lady friend who never lets me finish what I’m trying to say. Half way through a sentence I’m cut off. “Let me finish my sentence please” I implore. But the look in her eyes shows she just doesn’t understand my imploration. A bit like a cat that wonders what you’re trying to say to it.

Anyway, Sunday again. No-one as yet has left a consoling comment of any kind. Perhaps you all think i’m mad.

Well, if you think I’m mad what about the “Black Friday” deals. Ha, nothing to say huh.

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