Isn’t it all a bit?

Isn’t it all just shit?
War and crime
Fraud and rape
Isn’t it all just shit?
Why put up with it
Isn’t it all just shit?

Blood and envy and guilt
Murder and bombings and slavery
Isn’t it all just shit?
Why do we have to put up with it?
Isn’t it all just shit?

Money and greed and wealth
Starving’s and mutilations and degradations
How hundreds of blood vessels bleed like a river
How the friends of the raven strip down the liver
Isn’t it all just shit?
Why do you put up with it?

And when they say that they learned to build smart bombs
From examining the remains of alien life forms
Isn’t it all just shit?

Lies and executions
Assassinations and power trips
Ego nightmares across the country
Plans for suer battleships
Isn’t it all jus shit?
Why do we have to put up with it?
who decreed we should all be sick?
Isn’t it all just shit?

Safaris with guns and animal traps
Holes in mountains for secret atomic bombs
Howitzers on wheels, nukes all that crap
Isn’t it all just the shit of the world?
Isn’t all the shit of the world
Isn’t it all the shit of the world?
Isn’t the world just shitting on us all
Isn’t it all just shit?

Pollution is the solution
There’s no crime in a coal mine
Plastic is our salvation
It helps put food on the plates of the nation
Electric cars are on the way
Wind turbines will save the day
They’d do anything to raise their pay
Isn’t it all just shit?

The watch tower said to God

The watch tower said to God
I want to walk away
I can hear the storms approaching
The fields already trembling
The earth already leaking
The river already armed
The warlord already riding
So tell me, what’s the good?

It’s for your own good
To be free of their blood
It’s for your own good to keep
A heart full of love

And right beneath
Where the watch tower stood
Man slaughtered man
For glory and trophy and bloody mud

The giants causeway

To walk on the giant’s causeway
Step by step
Is to get closer
To the perfect find

To walk
The giants causeway
Is to stand
On a million years
Of variety performances

To walk the giant’s causeway
Is to feel the hammers of the earth
Release flocks of doves the size of rocks

To walk the giant’s causeway
Even the knowledge of its existence
Expects you to be free

Memory would flower

Memory would flower
In the quartz garden
Surrounded by warm fox fur
In tune like a guitar string

The shit bears with their death hyenas
Storms of depression and jaws bloody
Envelope the female form with anger
And set the ammunition figs exploding

Memory winds around the headstock
Wisdom tunes it
It presses lightly down onto the fret board
And then even the dead start singing

Everything speaks freedom

Everything speaks freedom
Turtles, birds

The grasshopper with its violin
The throat of a cat

The sun in its light
Knows that darkness is only the night

Everything sings of freedom
Especially when the music plays loud

Especially when the dancers stamp their feet
It frightens only the weak

Only the humbucker in a filed
Sitting on a stalk of dancing wheat

Everything speaks of freedom
How else could it exist

Freedom was found in Genesis
Out of its wood came voices

From the tars released from the grain of something new
Angels flew

Everything speaks of freedom
Even you

I’m bored without you here

I’m bored without you here
When you are here
You don’t know me
My home has no peace
When you’re here

The film is half way through
I turn it off a moment or two
It’s lonely without you
But it’s peaceful too

In the valley of December
There’s a moon strafed, time scraped silence
The cat is real, the flat is still
The wind blows ridges in the air

Some days it’s like a grave here
Everything’s a fright
Lonely in the winter light
But not as lonely as it seems
I just like to escape to my dreams

Or sit and dull my life down
Watching TV without any sound

I love my art
But my art doesn’t love me
It sits on my easel
Waiting to be fee

I feel I must be trapped inside a TV
I have to give up
There’s no love

If you don’t believe in the spirit

If you don’t believe in the spirit
Then what do you believe in – capitalism
eat your boardroom, eat your car
coal, gas, electricity, go where ever you are

let’s have a look inside your house
cleansed of spider, fly and louse
rooms without character
quickly pass by
this is the house where you steadily die

like a bird in a clean steel cage
like a mouse in a rage

if you don’t believe in the spirit
what’s inside you? Keeping it together
tiny girders, ladders and lifts?
And in your head the straw nest of your wits

And look there you are, laying bricks
Walking the plank with a wheelbarrow
Building a place in which to lie down
That’s you, just like you

You have to believe something

You have to believe something
I believe the fish
Headless and cut into two sides
Lying on an enamel shelf
It’s always the fish

Its not asking for anything
There’s a kind of acceptance
Of its fate, it never had a name
I might have had a place

In a swarm of fish like a town
With streets where they live
Freewheeling through the sea
Until the big fishing trawler in the sky
All lit up like a cluster of stars
Took their sea away and gave them a land
Of mouths that eat them
But the fish is gracious and feels for them

If you have to believe in something
You can believe in the side of a fish
The white flesh and the silvery scales
Will accept you into its past life

Love swims like a fish
Swerves and expels through the sea
Going nowhere, especially nowhere
Living for the here and now

But you walk on by, you are not hungry
You do not understand the taste of love
The fish feels for you
It feels a lot for you
Even now, it lives gathered into the swarm
A baby ghost reborn, remembers you

Music hall again

Imagine a little pub somewhere
With its own little music hall
It was always easy when they were drunk
To sing a song or make a joke
In the shadow of the factory outside
With the trams rolling by
And the valley under six feet of snow
With storm clouds in the sky

Someone must have made a stage
In the empty bar next door
And someone hired a local singer
And then a dozen more
Someone turned a musical joke
Out of the life that they saw
Into a popular tune of the day
And the music hall boom was born

Somewhere in Victoria land
Someone shovelling col
Remembered a tune his grandmother sang
With a whole lot of working-class soul
He changed the words to a story
About his favourite lady friend
To cock a snook at the upper class
Thus, starting a trend

Oh, when the music hall was working class
In the world so far and few between
They lost until they’re successful
Then the middle-class creep in
Taking over the running of the star
Taking all the money
And putting a tax on the bar

Then along came the movies
And music hall suffered a drought
So, lets sing a song to the music hall
And remember what it was really all about
So, lets sing a song of the music hall
It was over a hundred years ago
But still the songs linger at the back of our minds
And I hope they always will

We played it in our heads

Some of them came from Belfast
Some of them from Luton town
Though they could never see it
We were always knocking around
We played guitar with the best of them
Now it seems they’re all dead
We played until our grey hairs grew
We played with them in our heads

We played with them in arenas
We played in working men’s clubs
We strutted our stuff in stadiums
We played with them in pubs
We studied very note they sang
And every lead they led
We played until our hairs were grey
We played with them in our heads

Whenever the machinery was noisy
Whenever the rows were mad
Whenever the dole queues grew longer
Whenever the love went bad
Wo played it on the last bus home
We played it in our bed
We played it till our hair turned grey
We played it in our heads

When the system was failing
When we got pushed about
When we were made to wait around
Or forced to shut our mouths
We played every note we knew
To every solo we were wed
We played until our hair turned grey
We kept it in our heads