I was thinking of England’s green and pleasant land

I was thinking of England’s
Green and pleasant land
The Shropshire lad and his Shropshire horse
the northern brass band

Elgar’s famous England
Wordsworth’s famous words
who would believe that now?
we see the death of birds

I’ve been to constable country
I’ve been to the Cambrian heights
Which Wordsworth was especially fond of
The lakes and the summer lights

The wonderful pastorals of oxford
The worshipful English spires
But where are the tiny animals
Ignored by the town criers

So, they reintroduce the beaver
The otter, wolf and kite
Because of the ruin of the countryside
That to them was a wonderful sight

But the vixens are run out of the churchyards
For eating the bones of the dead
And pollution is now a desperate war
And people are dull in the head

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