The monsters on the mountaintop

There was a road that went through the village. The road went north to the mountain range, to the highest mountain there.
The village was a peaceful village with shoemakers and blacksmiths, weavers and millers.
Late in November there as a ferocious storm, it slid down the mountains like hammers hammering and like a hail of arrows falling on the village. Then at midnight the storm suddenly abated and the skies appeared above. The people of the village came out to draw water and to tend to the animals. Then they looked north to the north mountains and there on the highest mountain was a blood red glow of supernatural light and the sound of booming voices that rolled across the plain and across the village.
The villagers then all came out of their huts at midnight and looked with north to the mountains and to what had happened in the highest mountain and they felt terror at what they experienced.
A young man all alone took his horse and rode to the foot of the mountains to see close up what was going on up there. He left his horse and he climbed up the steep mountain side path to the place called the lightning sleep and crouched there concealed looking up at the peak.
On the peak of the mountain, he could see many monsters dancing and drinking and acting in a war like way. They had scaley skins and horned heads like devils. The leader like a giant sat on a large rock like a throne before them. His skin was lit by coloured lights from his life source. He held up a huge sword by the hilt with the point digging right down into the rock like it was ordinary soil. He stood up and pointing his sword at the stars above roared like thunder, the monsters all stood still. Tomorrow he said we begin the war. They all roared, they all roared a war cry and the dancing and carousing carried on.
The young man hurried back down the mountain to his horse and rode back across the plain to his village. He told the villagers what he had seen. They did not believe him. Then the keeper of the books spoke out to the villagers and told them about a terrible prophecy about the mountain and about it becoming the throne of monsters and at last they believed the young man.
A fighting man then spoke out to the villagers and said that they must muster an army and when the monsters came down the mountain that they should go out to meet them at the little book that flows through the middle of the plain. That they must make a stand there against the monsters and maintain their position until the whole region was alerted and came with the king of the region with a great army with many swords and bows to defeat the enemy that was threatening the whole world.

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